Thursday, October 20, 2011

i like to picture my jesus wearing a tuxedo t-shirt

October 20th
on the jams: boy's night out - composing

Just came to the terrific realization, like many before me, that it's not where you're going or the road you took or how long it took you to get there but what you did on way.  Fuck the destination, long live the journey.  You don't need a near death experience to put your life into perspective, but if you don't "feel alive" until you've exposed yourself to the elements, it might not hurt.

One of my favorite parts about life is the fact that I could die tomorrow.  And if I do, I won't have gone out like no bitch.  It's been balls to the wall for as long as I can remember.  Not for the credit, nor the fame.  But for the learning experience.  Not for the title, but the time well spent.  I couldn't afford to have done it any differently.

Not that I plan on croaking tomorrow, I've got much more to see  and accomplish...these writings are nothing more than a small piece of b-side philosophies I'd like to leave behind.  If ever I'm to be remembered, I'd like for it to be for how I really feel, not for how I was perceived.