Thursday, October 20, 2011

i like to picture my jesus wearing a tuxedo t-shirt

October 20th
on the jams: boy's night out - composing

Just came to the terrific realization, like many before me, that it's not where you're going or the road you took or how long it took you to get there but what you did on way.  Fuck the destination, long live the journey.  You don't need a near death experience to put your life into perspective, but if you don't "feel alive" until you've exposed yourself to the elements, it might not hurt.

One of my favorite parts about life is the fact that I could die tomorrow.  And if I do, I won't have gone out like no bitch.  It's been balls to the wall for as long as I can remember.  Not for the credit, nor the fame.  But for the learning experience.  Not for the title, but the time well spent.  I couldn't afford to have done it any differently.

Not that I plan on croaking tomorrow, I've got much more to see  and accomplish...these writings are nothing more than a small piece of b-side philosophies I'd like to leave behind.  If ever I'm to be remembered, I'd like for it to be for how I really feel, not for how I was perceived.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Direction consists of nothing more than ups, downs, lefts and rights.
Where you've been and where you're headed...
Feelings consist of dimensions, time, space and any combination of the lot. 
There are rips in time and gaps in space that leave things unproportional.  The height and magnitude of the feelings at hand will directly alter your direction, leaving you blowing in the wind, unsure of of true north like a mother fucker.  Just because you want it doesn't mean that it makes sense, and just because it don't make sense...does it make it worth the risk?  Probably...but I digress.  Don't think in terms of poor timing, lost opportunity or mistakes made...If direction is key, it doesn't matter where you're from and it's definiately not so much about where you're's who you'll be and how you'll feel when you get there.  Cheers to the glass being neither half full or half empty, as there's something in it. Preferably a shot of jager?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Party Animal concept

Tenative chapters and their brief summarys to the concept album “Party Animal” I’ve just started on.
The Beast Himself:
“Half boy, half man, and all own his own.  His heart made of ice and his eyes carved of stone.”
There is a chemical imbalance, a certain inconsistency that separates this man from the rest of the pack.  His will to live for nothing at all.  He’s been up, he’s been down, he’s been all over town.  Happiness is just a tough outer shell.  There’s a devil raging inside this boy.
The Means to Your End:
“It’s nights like this where wrecking  my fist straight through the wall just wouldn’t quite drive the point home.”
With any great tragedy comes sacrifice, and in this case they are endurable and unforgettable.   Rip your chest wide open and let go of yourself; subconsciously making room for a lurid darkness that will grow and grow until it consumes us all.  Severing ties with yourself incontestably cuts off the ones we “love” as well, and you will undoubtedly want them as far away as possible.
The Drink That Set Us Off:
“Push leads to shove leads to fleeing the scene leads to disaster by every way of the means.”
Suppressing the unknown urges is all he’s ever been good at.  Drowning the terrible thoughts with the bottle didn’t help, but it takes the edge off.  The greatest backfire of all time leaves him rampant and rabid and irate to the teeth.  A dent in his pride and a change in his stride is imminent without the cloak of darkness as the devilish moon’s luminous glare sends him into a frenzy.

The Pick Me Up:
“My heart beats irregularly to the beat of my grinding teeth.  I’m up, I’m down, I am all around.”
The hunger is growing, we just don’t know what for.  For fear? For more booze? Drugs?  What will cure this intolerable craze of voices and cravings.
Chapters to come:
  • The Let You Down
  • The Full Moon Late Nite Special
  • The Ex You Had for Dinner
  • The Come Down
  • The Morning After

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

howl baby howl

tuesday may 24 2011 4:47am
(no i'm not on drugs, i can't sleep for natural reasons)

I know it's been forever but there's a tremendous ammount of evidence as to why. Blame the Ernie Ball Battle of the Band if you've missed my writing, if anyone even reads it...all my time's been spent loitering peoples PureVolume profiles fishing for new voters. I finally found some time to write, but it's gonna be a bit different tonight. I'm putting together my first concept album, suck it Boy's Night Out...I can't wait any longer for you do this shit so I'll just do it myself.

Party Animal:The Beast, HIMself
The Means To Your End
The Drink That Set Us Off
The Pick Me Up
The Let You Down
The Full Moon Late Nite Special
The Ex You Had for Dinner
The Comedown
The Morning After

Above are extremely tenative chapters to concept album "Party Animal" I've just started on. It takes place in modern day bum fuck anywhere.

A man no different from you and me is drowing in a sea of bullshit that only seems to have an outward tide. After putting up with his fair share, he decides to drown his problems in bottle. Push leads to shove leads to fleeing the scene leads disaster in every way of the means.
Knee deep in booze, uppers, downers, love and hate turns our hateful hero to vigilance to soothe his heart ache. A dent in his pride and a change in his stride is immiment without the cloak of darkness as the devilish moon's luminous glare sends him into a frenzy. And darkness.

He awakes days later. Eye's crust over, wreaking of beer, blood, shame, and fear. He's laying next to her, and something seems wrong. So wrong it's right. She's lifeless, he's starving. Full moon again tonight.

fuck i could use some feedback on this...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

50RRY 4 TH3 D3L4Y

Good morning Cubsharks!
So sorry to keep you waiting, we've been a very busy merry band of assholes!  Our first EP titled "Chomp!" is more than half way through and we've had our heads buried deeply up the ass of the studio in order to make said progress!  We'll be announcing a release date very soon, as well as future plans!  We're excited to say there have been some awesome offers already, but we aren't to say just yet what they are!  Stay tuned, I'll have more time to write now that the album is almost done!

Headbang on, -jetbearshark.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Allow me to re-introduce myself...

My name is Miles, and as Kud tells everyone he introduces me to I'm a dick and not to be taken seriously. Not that I agree with that or anything, I happen to think I'm a genuinely nice guy, but I guess that's just me.
Anyway, moving on, I'm here to tell you right away that I probably disagree with you, for no reason really, I just like to see how much a person will defend an idea.
My idea is that Brunswick Georgia is about to blow the fuck up and We're here to provide a party for all the cast-outs and stow-aways, all the neglected and rejected, the men who beat off to the march of their own drummer, the girls who just wanna have fun.
In conclusion,