Tuesday, May 24, 2011

howl baby howl

tuesday may 24 2011 4:47am
(no i'm not on drugs, i can't sleep for natural reasons)

I know it's been forever but there's a tremendous ammount of evidence as to why. Blame the Ernie Ball Battle of the Band if you've missed my writing, if anyone even reads it...all my time's been spent loitering peoples PureVolume profiles fishing for new voters. I finally found some time to write, but it's gonna be a bit different tonight. I'm putting together my first concept album, suck it Boy's Night Out...I can't wait any longer for you do this shit so I'll just do it myself.

Party Animal:The Beast, HIMself
The Means To Your End
The Drink That Set Us Off
The Pick Me Up
The Let You Down
The Full Moon Late Nite Special
The Ex You Had for Dinner
The Comedown
The Morning After

Above are extremely tenative chapters to concept album "Party Animal" I've just started on. It takes place in modern day bum fuck anywhere.

A man no different from you and me is drowing in a sea of bullshit that only seems to have an outward tide. After putting up with his fair share, he decides to drown his problems in bottle. Push leads to shove leads to fleeing the scene leads disaster in every way of the means.
Knee deep in booze, uppers, downers, love and hate turns our hateful hero to vigilance to soothe his heart ache. A dent in his pride and a change in his stride is immiment without the cloak of darkness as the devilish moon's luminous glare sends him into a frenzy. And darkness.

He awakes days later. Eye's crust over, wreaking of beer, blood, shame, and fear. He's laying next to her, and something seems wrong. So wrong it's right. She's lifeless, he's starving. Full moon again tonight.

fuck i could use some feedback on this...

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