Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Party Animal concept

Tenative chapters and their brief summarys to the concept album “Party Animal” I’ve just started on.
The Beast Himself:
“Half boy, half man, and all own his own.  His heart made of ice and his eyes carved of stone.”
There is a chemical imbalance, a certain inconsistency that separates this man from the rest of the pack.  His will to live for nothing at all.  He’s been up, he’s been down, he’s been all over town.  Happiness is just a tough outer shell.  There’s a devil raging inside this boy.
The Means to Your End:
“It’s nights like this where wrecking  my fist straight through the wall just wouldn’t quite drive the point home.”
With any great tragedy comes sacrifice, and in this case they are endurable and unforgettable.   Rip your chest wide open and let go of yourself; subconsciously making room for a lurid darkness that will grow and grow until it consumes us all.  Severing ties with yourself incontestably cuts off the ones we “love” as well, and you will undoubtedly want them as far away as possible.
The Drink That Set Us Off:
“Push leads to shove leads to fleeing the scene leads to disaster by every way of the means.”
Suppressing the unknown urges is all he’s ever been good at.  Drowning the terrible thoughts with the bottle didn’t help, but it takes the edge off.  The greatest backfire of all time leaves him rampant and rabid and irate to the teeth.  A dent in his pride and a change in his stride is imminent without the cloak of darkness as the devilish moon’s luminous glare sends him into a frenzy.

The Pick Me Up:
“My heart beats irregularly to the beat of my grinding teeth.  I’m up, I’m down, I am all around.”
The hunger is growing, we just don’t know what for.  For fear? For more booze? Drugs?  What will cure this intolerable craze of voices and cravings.
Chapters to come:
  • The Let You Down
  • The Full Moon Late Nite Special
  • The Ex You Had for Dinner
  • The Come Down
  • The Morning After

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