Monday, January 24, 2011

When Blinking Is Not an Option

january 24th 2011
on the jamz: motley crue - kickstart my heart

What's noticed by some is completely invisble to most.  Hidden between the cracks of false standards and expected manners lay the time of my life.  You have to be oblivious to what you're looking for to see what your destiny.  That's the difference between people who know what they want and people who want what they know.   Indifference pulls us together, but there's an obvious mental segregation between us and them.  The embodiment of stumbling drunkely onto your own fate is captivating beyond words.  So there lies the question, how to treat this ever so delicate situation?  It's not to handled lightly, but too much thought will have you pulled out to sea faster than you can blink your swollen eyes. 

To the careless, this comes all to easy; to the careful, this comes tragically.  It requires a specific blend of angst and apathy to tread these waters.  It's a trecherous path filled with skeletons in closets and lifes in hands but at the end of the tunnel are the answer to all our life long questions.  One question that will not be answered, how ever, is "how did we get here?".  If you can fully answer that question, than this rant is not for you.  The point is not to eradicate your past, but to drive so fast towards your future that the trip flies right past you.  You retain the general direction, but all the details are improvised.  Never live the same moment twice.


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